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Megawin Technology was formed by a group of IC design and sale specialists in 1999. Our company's mission is to become the worldwide MCU supplier through nonstop research & development and patent portfolio plan. One of our company's slogan is: "Be Practical and Be Creative". We believe that in order to become the qualified worldwide MCU supplier, we would have to constantly and continuously develop innovative products.



Base Line: Based on ARM Cortex-M0. In addition, the External Memory Bus(EMB) module supports a variety of interface displays (TFT-LCD).

USB Line: Megawin ARM Cortex-M0 series, with the excellent anti-interference ability and excellent encryption technology, Multiplex.

8051 MCU

1T 8051 MCU:High-Performance 1T 8051 core, There are rich peripherals and complex I/O interface to fit most application. Such as ADC, PCA, multi-UART, SPI, TWSI.

12T/6T 8051 MCU : 8051 MCU which executes on 12T/6T cycle per one instruction. They are fully compatible to standard 8051 on function and pin-out.

Low Pin Count 8051 MCU :High-performance 1T 8051 core and provide the small form factor and cost effective solution for customer. The pin number is from 8-pin package to 32-pin package.

USB 8051 Flash MCU :High-performance 1T 8051 core and USB interface.

USB Product

Full Speed MCU : USB 8051 MCU embeds the high-performance 1T 8051 core and USB interface USB Bridge : This product segment can support USB to transfer data or command to other interface, for example UART, I2C, SPI…etc., even GPIO or PWM control. USB Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick : Full compatible with USB HID 1.1 standard to provide high compatibility with multi platforms, ex. Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Charge IC :Automatically detect different kinds of portable devices to provide high voltage, high current under faster and stable charge power.