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Founded in 2014, Navitas develops ultra-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors that are revolutionizing the world of power electronics in terms of efficiency, performance, size, cost and sustainability. Navitas is the industry leader in GaN with drive, control and protection in a single easy-to-use integrated circuit (IC). Navitas GaNFast ICs are easy-to-use ‘digital in, power out’ building blocks that enable up to one hundred times faster switching speeds while increasing energy savings by as much as 40% GaN is growing in importance because of its ability to offer significantly improved performance over conventional silicon semiconductors while reducing the energy and the physical space needed to deliver that performance. GaN technology will accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by delivering efficiency improvements, lowering the cost of clean energy and reducing the materials and energy needed to create power semiconductors.


GaNFast™ Power IC

A gallium nitride (GaN) power integrated circuit (IC) combines several power electronics functions onto a single GaN chip, to improve speed, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. In many cases, GaN power ICs are the enabling catalyst for advanced power-conversion topologies to transition from academic concepts to industry-proven mass production designs.

GaNSense Power IC

Navitas’ GaNSense family offers loss-less current sensing integrated in the IC, removing the shunt current-sense resistor and its associated headaches, such as improving the overall efficiency of the system with lower total series resistance, while also increasing robustness with fast, internal, 30-100ns short-circuit protection.

GaNSense Half-Bridge Power Ics

Half-Bridge Integration enables fastest switching, highest efficiency & power density using Soft-Switching topologies Ultra-fast mobile chargers continue to transition to higher power in order to support faster charging times for increasingly power-hungry smartphones. New charging protocols such as USB PD 3.1 now support up to 240 W. For these higher power levels, soft-switching half-bridge topologies provide the fastest switching frequency, highest power density and maximum efficiency.

GeneSiC Mosfet & Diode

Widest Range of SiC MOSFETs 750 V – 6.5 kV GeneSiC’s patented trench-assisted planar gate design is a no-compromise, next-generation solution; high-yield manufacturing, fast and cool operation, and extended, long-life reliability.

SiC Schottky MPS™ Diodes

Merged-PIN Schottky (MPS) Diodes combine two beneficial features from the PIN and Schottky diode. The PIN sustains excessive surge currents with low leakage, while the Schottky element offers low forward voltage drop and fast-switching characteristics. Target applications include PFC, Boost, and high-voltage, higher-power motor drives.