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Viitor Semiconductor is established and organized by a team of top power semiconductor R&D engineers with the world-renowned IDM semiconductor global marketing experts. We incorporate the best of both to build our own brand “Viitor Semiconductor”. Viitor Semiconductor is a market and technology research and development driven company with years of rich experience in the global market and forward-looking utility patents, which committed to providing customers with the highest quality reliability and the most appropriate specifications of products and overall solutions . At present, Viitor Semiconductor has been adopted by major automotive manufacturers and well-known consumer electronics manufacturers. We look forward to becoming one of your most reliable and satisfactory partners.

  • Power Mosfet
  • Power Schottky
  • ESD Protection
  • TVS
  • Zener
  • Small Signal Mosfet
  • Small Signal Switching


Automotive : BLDC Motor Control , On Board Charging , DC-DC , Car Lighting.

Solar Circuit Protection Power Management